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MODELS 6,000 Lb. AND 12,000 Lb.

A)  Lube Tubes
Standard equipment on 1993 models and up
Kit "2 sets"
B)  Dual Controls-Model 12,000 Lb. Only
Kit "1 set"
C)  Repaint Models 6,000 Lb. or 12,000 Lb
D)  Additional Rubber Block-each
E)  Rubber Block Bracket-each
F)  Additional Chain per lift foot over standard 15' stroke-per hoist
G)  Acrylic enamel paint aerosol can
H)  PWC Adapters
Model 6,000 Lb. Pair of Forks & Pads
Model 12,000 Lb. Pair of Forks & Pads
I)  Outrigger Fender - Fresh Water
"One" each
J)  Outrigger Fender Saltwater-each
K)  Saltwater Items
Urethane salt water paint over standard primer NOT AVAILABLE
Plug square tube and pipe on forks
Stainless steel bolts and fasteners
Stainless steel grease zerts and fittings
L)  One 60 Lb sacrificial anode system with wire and clamp-each beam
M)  Cathodic protection insulation Nylon bushings and plate for pedestal power head
N)  Ameron Coating System:
Model 6,000 Lb. Boat Lift
Model 12,000 Lb. Boat Lift
O)  Hot-Dipped Galvanizing
Model 6,000 Lb. Boat Lift
Model 12,000 Lb. Boat Lift
P)  Programmable remote control with shut-off switch-each hoist
Q)  Industrial Radio Controlled Remote Control
R)  Upgrade to yellow chromate CM Hoist Chain for the standard 15 ft. stroke-each hoist

S)  Stainless Steel Rubber Block Vee Bracket

T)  Stainless Steel Rubber Block H Bracket
Prices subject to change. Check when placing order.
The above prices are F.O.B. Tahoe City, Williamson Yard

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